Get the compentsation from your disadvantage

Many cases of birth defects lead to Zofran. The pregnant women who taking Zofran were twice as likely to give birth children with cleft lip or heart defects. Many other effects are known for taking Zofran such cleft palate, atrial septal heart defect, hole in the heart, kidney malformations and much more. This becomes a disadvantage for the affected families because they have to bring their children to the hospital and do some treatment.

You can report your case about birth defects and create lawsuit for Zofran. You must get the compensation for treatment your child and make Zofran stopped being produced. Prevent the same thing happen again to another family. You can read the fact about Zofran lawsuit at They can help you to do lawsuit and get the compensation, for current and later. Not easy to face this problem, therefore they offer you assistance and you don’t need to pay if can’t get the compensation.

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