cream pemutih wajah

Features And Contents Inside Cream HN

It because there are many forgeries in cream HN product out there, of course, there is one of characteristic or features from this cream which consumers should know so that consumers has the ability to distinguish the imitate one.

The original characteristic of a product has designated with pink color on the front side and back side from sizing to the plastic of the package. There is use instruction that can be directly found in the plastic, not in the brochure paper which inside the package.

For the product itself, there is no seal for a day cream product and the color is yellow. In meanwhile, for a night cream product, there is no seal too just like a day cream product and the color is white. And for the original soap product, the texture is thick and when it used it will make bubbles and foam. There is no seal too in the soap product and scent just like a papaya and it is orange. For a toner product, the image pretty much like a tea, it is clear and has the brown color. But there is a seal in toner product and the scent is fragrant.

Now let’s talk about the content of the product. Cream HN uses the whitening agent which is helpful for whitening and brightening the skin in the end. Just like any other beauty product out there, sure it has a chemical process and it confirmed.
However, it is unnecessary for worried because it guaranteed safety product and it because the dose has been determined, so that these Original Cream HN can rely on. Especially Cream HN has passed laboratory test.