stock market prices

Make more benefit only on money morning investment

To benefit of you can use the principle of buy cheap, sell expensive (buy low sell high). So, the analysis of the share price is right, you have to buy the shares when the price is at the support level and sell shares when the price is estimated to be at resistance levels. Of course the benefits are not lasting. More and more people find out their level of support and resistance levels on a stocks and use, this pattern will be destroyed by itself. The key in using technical analysis of this stock is the speed of obtaining information. The first to know their support is leveldan resistance levels that have significant potential to reap the benefits, while the latter only gets the rest, or even lose money because the real level of resistance and support levels have changed again. Experts believe that if the support level is broken, then usually support these levels would be a new resistance level. Similarly, if resistance levels are penetrated the resistance level becomes the new support level. The greater the volume of trade that occurs will further strengthen the position of support levels and resistance levels occur.